Miles Cope/Vocal Joe Gilman/Piano Steve Homan Guitar Fred Randolph/Bass Jeff Redlausk/Drums

If you are a Vocalist/Musician/Songwriter/Video Photographer & Editor/Actor/Script Writer/Short Film Maker or Animator go to My (Contact Us Page) we are looking for a trust fund of artist interested short & medium length films. Please realize we are in this for the art & creation of film making.

This is a non-profit group of like minded people who are not in this cooperative to earn a living, so realize we have at our disposal a Professional Audio Recording Studio, Pro Video equipment and Editing Software. If you are a student, or retired videographer let us exchange ideas and experience. Any samples of your previous work will be helpful for recruitment in this venue so feel free to interview and realize this is a workshop & friendship of all artists and there are no membership fees.  

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Stockton, Audio&Video Recording Studio

Greetings Videographers Musicians, Singers,
​  Script & Song Writers Lyricists​ & Actors