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Copesetic studio​

We are a professional recording studio however we have become aware of the current need for high quality Audio/Video projects of creative & talented artists wishing to be placed on "You Tube" your chance to go viral without the need of record companies or costly agents. Studio costs for those with limited funding will find our reasonable rate for audio will be $30.00 Per/Hour and Audio/Video $40.00 also recording live video of bands is must in providing video samples for club and event planners to get gigs. In studio we now have a Yamaha G1 Grand Piano & are using Focusrite Scarlett & OctoPre MK-II interfaces @ 96k/ 32bit Float into ProTools 11.3.1 and an extensive library of top of the line Plug-Ins "Synthogy Ivory Pianos including the Italian & Steinway Grand edition, Trillian Bass's, Omnisphere, Velvet Rhodes. Studio's A & B are set up for Audio & MIDI Recordings. Yamaha Drums setup and pre Mic'd + our vocal booth with AKG 414 B-ULS or Neumann KMS 105 microphone's. We have available a group of the finest musicians in our area for in studio sidemen & women locally as well as the bay area we can offer you for your sessions, you may contact for booking on our Contact Us Button. We suggest preparation by charting and or backing tracks of material you are considering. In addition we are using Audiophile P.G.Music /Band In A Box 44100 16 bit for those unable to hire or provide sidemen.

Miles Cope/Vocal Steve Homan/Guitar John McDonald/Drums Using BIB/PG Music artists Professor Kenny Baron/Piano Ron Carter/Bass

Studio Yamaha Drums

Pre/Mic'd & Balanced Set with Shure KSM 137 SL Overheads, two Shure Beta 57A for Snare & Hi Hat and a Shure Beta 52A or AKG 112 MKII kick drum mic's "Ready To Play" no setup time

Lodi &Stockton, CA's Recording Studio

Greetings Musicians, Singers,
​Song Writers & Lyricists​

When you’re ready to launch your music career, you want everything to be perfect. The first step on the road to success is creating high-quality recordings of your best music.

While homemade videos create a certain intimacy between you and your audience, you should trust a recording studio to provide a truly professional sound. At Copesetic Studio, we are dedicated to helping artists in the Lodi, CA and Stockton, CA areas develop a professional image in a warm and comfortable environment.

Our Studios

We have multiple recording rooms set up for our customers. We recently added new equipment to the studios to enhance the recording experience and allow you to work with top-of-the-line equipment. 

Talk to us about what you want your music to sound like, and we’ll set you up with the right equipment. We've worked with dozens of musicians from a variety of genres, each with their own unique sound. Whether you play the accordion, the harp, the guitar, or you sing, we'll showcase your best work and publish it online.

We also provide talented local musicians with backing music. Or, you can choose to use electronic music programs if you don’t wish to hire live musicians.  

Whatever your musical style, goals, and preferences, trust Copesetic Music to set you up with high-quality recordings of your art. For more information about our studio, call us at (209) 200-9964. For examples of our recordings, check out the Video & Audio Samples tab.Type your paragraph here.